• Hired Guns

    Across the U.S., a haphazard system of lax laws, minimal oversight and almost no accountability puts guns in the hands of security guards who endanger public safety.

  • Payday California

    No statewide standards govern how local governments’ pay is set, leaving the public in the dark about whether top officials are paid appropriately for the job and the community.

  • Dark Side of the Strawberry

    California’s strawberry growers rely on heavy amounts of dangerous pesticides to deliver fruit year-round at an affordable price. But the health and environmental problems that come with those chemicals have threatened the foundation of a $2.6 billion industry.

  • Generation Z: Child Soldiers of the Zetas

    This documentary investigates a terrifying aspect of the drug wars along the U.S.-Mexico border: the recruitment of child soldiers by the notoriously violent Zetas gang.

  • Profiting on pain

    A California company accused of counterfeiting screws for spinal surgery went broke in 2013. But by then, it had sold millions of dollars in medical hardware to a nationwide network of surgeons.

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