America's Worst Charities series has people talking

It's been a month since we launched our series America's Worst Charities. There has been some action and calls for change, which we detailed in a story here and here.

And there has been a fair amount of debate and discussion about the series. 

Here's a sample of what others are saying:

News outlets

Nonprofit industry

  • Two trade groups have responded. The Association of Fundraising Professionals criticized the series for focusing on organizations that are "extreme cases." The Direct Marketing Association Nonprofit Federation issued its first-ever set of fundraising guidelines.
  • Guidestar, Charity Navigator and the Better Business Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance launched a campaign to encourage donors to examine factors beyond fundraising and administrative costs when evaluating charities. They stressed that overhead "can be a valid data point for rooting out fraud and poor financial management" in their letter.
  • Roger Craver, a direct mail consultant, called on the industry to hold the organizations highlighted in the series accountable.

We'll keep this simple, aggregated list updated from time to time.

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