CIR and PRX to launch new investigative radio pilot

The Center for Investigative Reporting and Public Radio Exchange (PRX) have joined forces to create “Reveal,” a national radio pilot that will showcase investigative reporting and its impact. Tune in Sept. 28 for the launch on public radio stations around the country.

We know that the public cares about deeply reported stories that hold the powerful accountable and give voice to the voiceless. But too often, those stories come and go, and the public is left with questions: How did the story come about? What happened as a result? What’s the next step?

As we know, there is always more to the story.

“Reveal” will take listeners behind the scenes of investigations in progress, break national investigative stories and follow up on the impact and changes that result.

The pilot episode will break a big new national story, look into a new policing technology and much more. Its website will feature data apps, video and other ways for listeners to dive more deeply into the stories.

Susanne Reber of CIR and Ben Adair, formerly of American Public Media’s Marketplace, are executive producers of the “Reveal” pilot. Al Letson of the national radio show “State of the Re:Union” from PRX and NPR is the host for the pilot.

We’re hoping that “Reveal” will launch as a public radio show in 2014. Like everything CIR and PRX does, this will be a deeply collaborative venture. In addition to presenting CIR’s own reporting, we will work with and highlight the reporting of public radio stations and news organizations across the country, as well as journalists around the world.

We look forward to sharing the pilot with you Sept. 28 – and getting your feedback. Follow the show on Facebook and Twitter, and check out the website at



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