From Climate Desk: Oil industry "reforms," despondent fishermen's wives and quantifying the oil spill

Digging deeper into the effects of the ongoing Gulf Oil Spill, PBS's Need to Know produced an infographic on quantifying how much crude has gushed into the ocean, showing low and high estimates. Mother Jones looks at crisis centers in St. Bernard parish, who are counseling wives of the fishermen impacted and often out of work; one worker called their trauma "BPTSD" (combining BP and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). And for Need to Know, Jon Meacham interviews oil expert Lisa Margonelli from the TEDx Oil Spill Conference about the moral choice of offshore drilling. Finally, another MoJo reporter looks at the possibility of reforming the oil industry in an election year.

INFOGRAPHIC: How much oil are we talking about? | PBS Need to Know

Depression, abuse, suicide: fishermen's wives face post-spill trauma | Mother Jones

Not in my backyard? | PBS Need to Know

Congress' oil industry "reforms" = election-year greenwashing | Mother Jones

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