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Oscar contender playlist
The I Files team has just embarked on a new project that is both compelling and fun: curating journalistic content on Hulu.

Each month, The I Files will pull together exceptional videos around a central theme for you to view exclusively on Hulu. The media will be organized in a "tray," which will allow users to easily flip through the queues of our picks. We're calling it The I Files Features.

This week, with the 85th Academy Awards going down Sunday, we felt inspired by all the incredible films the Oscars recognize annually. It got us thinking about some of the powerful documentaries that were never nominated for a golden statue, ones we believe have been overlooked. And so, we're proud to present "Coulda Been (Oscar) Contenders."

From inner-city hopes in "Hoop Dreams" to the Killing Fields of Cambodia in "Enemies of the People," our selections run the gamut of topics and genres. We go back to the 1970s with "General Idi Amin Dada" and "Grey Gardens" (requires Hulu Plus) and up to 2009 with "Last Train Home." The list also highlights esoteric films such as "Soldier Girls," about women in basic training, and "Manda Bala” (requires Hulu Plus), which takes a look at corruption and kidnapping in Brazil, as well as the more well-known "Control Room" (requires Hulu Plus), a film on Al Jazeera’s coverage of the Iraq war. Be sure to check out the full queue on Hulu. You can also find it on the Documentaries, Movies and Staff Picks pages.

While you're still able to get the great curation and editorial power that is The I Files on YouTube, watching The I Files Features on Hulu will offer you the polish of television from the comfort of your computer, mobile device or tablet screen whenever you want, wherever you are. This new project is another chance for us to recommend noteworthy documentaries and other media available on the platform of your choice. Now, whether you're on YouTube or Hulu, you can always enjoy the editorial curation of The I Files.

We're thrilled to be working with Hulu. Make sure to tune in to our new venture, and let's see where it takes us. Thanks for watching!

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