Reporting on U.S. veterans: An interview with CIR's Aaron Glantz

aaron glantz

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“The question that has always troubled me as a reporter is that the government will tell you exactly how many people have died in combat in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but they fail to keep track of the number of people who die when they come home.”
– Aaron Glantz, reporter for CIR

On Jan. 17, I interviewed CIR reporter Aaron Glantz in a 28-minute conference call with members of CIR, California Watch and The Bay Citizen.

We wanted to allow our members to hear directly from Aaron about his ongoing investigation into the state of veterans affairs across the U.S.

To hear the audio, click on the link below:

Some of the topics you'll hear Aaron discuss:

• His time spent reporting in Iraq
• What led him from covering the impact of the war on Iraqi citizens to investigating the treatment of U.S. veterans back home
• The most important sources of information for his reporting: veterans, their relatives and people involved with the Department of Veterans Affairs
• How his reporting is creating a national dialogue about the government’s treatment of veterans, including the 2.4 million who served in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars

I hope you will share this recording with your friends, family and followers. This is the first in a series of short updates intended to take you behind the scenes – and expand the impact – of our investigations.

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