Will Evans

Government Oversight Reporter

Will Evans is a reporter for The Center for Investigative Reporting focusing on government oversight. His reporting with CIR's Christina Jewett and CNN exposed rampant fraud and failed oversight in
California's drug rehabilitation system for the poor. His coverage of alleged abuse and enrollment padding at an Oakland, Calif., school led authorities to cut off public funding and strengthen oversight. During the 2008 election, he tracked the money behind independent campaign ads for The Secret Money Project, a joint venture with NPR. In 2006, he uncovered judicial conflicts of interest in a series for Salon.com that led a federal judge to withdraw his nomination to the appellate bench.

Prior to joining CIR in 2005, Will was a reporter at The Sacramento Bee, where he helped expose a nonprofit hospital chain for targeting the poor with aggressive collection practices. He also has written for the Chilean national newspaper, La Tercera, and worked as a freelancer overseas.

To send Will an encrypted message, his public key is here and fingerprint is:
8A40 9A83 E22C 575E 3132  BB00 5B92 69C4 2E2B 5C7A