Body Parts

Veteran St. Louis Post-Dispatch health reporter Deborah L. Shelton investigates the medical, ethical and social implications of live organ donation for CNN Presents. A five-part newspaper series based on her reporting first appeared in the Post-Dispatch in May 2005 after Shelton studied the topic on a yearlong fellowship from the Kaiser Family Foundation. The series recently won a National Headliner Award for public service.

Shelton’s groundbreaking work reveals problems with the medical and psychological screening of people who offer to donate organs while alive, exposes concerns with follow-up care for donors, and highlights how transplant centers that perform living organ donations lack proper oversight.

CIR worked with Shelton to develop the newspaper series for television. "CNN Presents: Body Parts" debuts on CNN Saturday, June 3, and Sunday, June 4, at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. EDT.

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