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Ongoing coverage of Operation Black Widow and Salinas gangs by CIR associates

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Lizard is a Rat
By Justin Berton | East Bay Express | October 20, 2004
Daniel "Lizard" Hernandez helped Nuestra Familia run a criminal empire from inside state prison. Then he helped the FBI take the gang down.

Sir Dyno Deals with ... the Prosecution
By Justin Berton | East Bay Express | December 24, 2003
Gangsta rapper pleads guilty to lesser drug charge in exchange for lighter sentence on more serious racketeering charges he faced.

Sir Dyno's Deal with the Devil
By Justin Berton | East Bay Express | October 1, 2003
Rapper David Rocha thought a norteño gangsta CD was his ticket to glory -- not life in prison.

An End to the Cycle
By Virginia Hennessey | Monterey County Herald | November 23, 2003
Convicted killer Armando Tizok Frias is determined to undo his family's gang ties.

Black Widow’s Web
By Justin Berton | Maxim | November 2003
Operation Black Widow attempted to stop one of America’s most ruthless gangs from ruling the streets from behind bars. But how do you defeat a criminal enterprise that thrives on prison itself?

Blood In, Blood Out
By Justin Berton | Metro | November 29, 2001
The story behind the murder of NF defector Robert "Brown Bob" Viramontes

Special Report: Operation Black Widow
Santa Rosa Press Democrat | April 21-27, 2001
A week-long series announcing indictments in Operation Black Widow, with photos, detailed information on NF operations out of Pelican Bay, and law enforcement's perspective on the case.

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