Iraq: Living in Hiding

Lawlessness and sectarian violence quickly engulfed Iraq after the fall of Saddam, leaving women vulnerable. Human rights groups say incidents of rape have increased, and by Iraqi tradition the victims are shunned and sometimes murdered by family members in "honor killings." Correspondent Anna Badkhen and photojournalist Mimi Chakarova visit a secret women's shelter in Baghdad to speak with rape victims and war widows and document their stories.

+ Watch the slideshow on FRONTLINE/World and read the story by Anna Badkhen.

+ Watch CIR's episode of The Investigators featuring Badkhen: "Behind the Veil."

+ Listen to Badkhen talk about her reporting and her article in Ms. Magazine, "Baghdad Underground," on PRI's The World.

Support for this project was provided in part by CIR's Dick Goldensohn Fund.

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