Searching for Kosovo's Missing

Ten years after the Kosovo War, Michael Montgomery returns to the Balkans for the BBC to investigate "the other side of the war"—Serbs allegedly kidnapped and killed by ethnic Albanians. In a series of video journals for CIR, Montgomery takes viewers behind the story.

Part 1: The Mystery House | Sources pinpoint a house in central Albania where Serb captives were allegedly tortured and killed. Rumor has it their organs were stolen, as well.

Part 2: The Severed Heads | Stories about a KLA fighter who beheaded two Serb prisoners lead Montgomery to Tropoje, Albania.

Part 3: The KLA Base | A source leads Montgomery to an abandoned KLA base in Albania where he says many prisoners were killed.

Additional reporting by field producer Jovo Martinovic
+ Update: "Report alleges organ harvesting ring linked to Kosovo officials"
+ Listen to Michael Montgomery's BBC radio documentary and read more reporting on Kosovo: "Horrors of KLA prison camps revealed"
+ Read a report by Altin Raxhimi, Montgomery's reporting partner from the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network: "Kosovo Liberation Army Ran Torture Camps in Albania"

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