Video: Busted in Texas

As Congress looks to significantly boost funding for the U.S. Border Patrol as part of a new immigration bill, we investigate the impact of the police buildup at a West Texas checkpoint. The Sierra Blanca checkpoint along Interstate 10 was set up to catch major traffickers and immigrants who entered the country illegally. But the checkpoint now busts thousands of unsuspecting Americans a year for low-level drug possession – including some famous musicians.

Chavala Madlena - Producer & Reporter

David Ritsher - Producer & Editor

Stephen Talbot - Senior Producer

Robert Salladay - Story Editor

Josiah Hooper - Director & Camera

Andrew Becker - Reporter

G.W. Schulz - Reporter

Sharon Pieczenik - Second Camera & Associate Producer

Kerri Connolly - Multimedia Producer & Sound

Production Assistants - Rachel de Leon & Owen Wesson

Sam Ward - Graphics

Sharon Tiller - Executive Producer

Steve Oh for TYT - Chief Operating Officer

Mark Katches for CIR - Editorial Director

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