• Major timber companies have been spraying millions of pounds of herbicide on their private forestland in Oregon. But many residents suspect chemicals are being carried on the wind, prompting health concerns.

  • Timber companies in Oregon spray their forests with chemicals to prevent plant growth. The practice was banned decades ago in the state’s national forests. CIR and Living on Earth’s Ingrid Lobet reports on the practice and the residents who are worried that the chemicals are affecting their health.

  • Photos of desperate and dying Liberian civilians have made the front pages of the nation's newspapers for weeks now as rebels battled warlord-turned-president Charles Taylor, who rules over a population terrorized by 14 years of intermittent violence. News accounts focus on the plight of ordinary Liberians caught in cross-fire; many also talk about Taylor's indictment by a U.N.

  • WASHINGTON – As Liberia descends into pitched battle over the capital of Monrovia, the world watches to see if the US will send thousands of troops to help bring peace to the war-torn West African nation. But as we wait, it's important to understand how consumers in the US and other nations have contributed to Liberia's troubles.