• Explains how banned pesticides shipped by U.S. companies to the developing world return to this country as residues in imported food.

  • Studies find that the most promising untapped source of energy is the estimated 30 to 50 percent of national use wasted each year by inefficient cars, buildings and appliances.

  • Once you start gambling on Foreign Reactors, how do you stop?

  • CIR assisted in the preparation of this article on how corporate law has taken on new meaning in Orlando, Florida, where the 43 square miles of Disney World comprise a district run by the laws of the Disney corporation and exempt from environmental and zoning laws.

  • An in-depth look at the corporate race to exploit the minerals at the bottom of the ocean. The pay-off: a metals trove richer than all the deposits on earth. The potential victims: whales, fish, the age-old crustaceans of the deep sea floor, and the nations of the Third World.