Use the data: Veterans' disability backlog

The Center for Investigative Reporting has led the nation's coverage on the Department of Veterans Affairs' growing delays in processing veterans' disability claims. We've developed a database – which is periodically updated – that includes various measurements of the time it takes each of the country's 58 regional offices to decide on pending claims. The data comes from internal documents leaked to CIR, documents obtained through Freedom of Information requests and publicly accessible documents hosted by the VA on its website. You can access that data through our dashboard below. To select different categories, use the drop-down menu. For more information on what each means, click on the "?" icon below the header.

Each field and regional office can be embedded into any website by clicking the "Embed this" link and following the instructions. The raw data is also available if you click the "Download data" button. If you'd like to create your own custom visualizations or analysis using this data, please see the documentation for our API and follow the open-source examples. If you use this data in any way, you must credit the Center for Investigative Reporting in your product with a link back to our website at