• Alone

    CIR’s documentary on the solitary confinement of teens explores the mental health effects and corrections officials’ struggles with young inmates.

  • Coast Guard's wave of accidents

    Between 2000 and 2013, the Coast Guard witnessed dramatic spikes in accidents causing death, injury and equipment damage. Data reveal lapses in judgment and missed opportunities to strengthen safety standards and protect crew members and civilians.

  • Reaping profits from the GI Bill

    Substandard for-profit schools in California get millions in GI Bill funds, with the most going to the University of Phoenix, San Diego. But some veterans say they are left with worthless degrees and few job prospects.

  • Reveal is back

    CIR and PRX's investigative radio show returns with its third pilot episode. We explore the U.S. Coast Guard's accident problem, arsenic in your water, the secrecy surrounding lethal injection drugs and the high cost of a GI Bill degree.

  • Alarm over license-plate readers

    The use of license-plate readers has emerged as a big concern among privacy advocates, as one leading maker of the devices wants to fuse the technology with other sources of identifying information.

  • Water laws left high and dry

    During California's last drought, the state made agricultural water districts focus on conservation. But few are complying with those laws in the current drought.

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