• How China maneuvered to buy US pork giant

    In our latest videos, CIR digs into the largest Chinese purchase of an American business: iconic Smithfield Foods to Shuanghui International.

  • Did he need killing?

    A Border Patrol agent in Texas shoots a young, unarmed drug smuggler in the back. The ensuing investigation goes nowhere.

  • Intelligence gap

    The chance that a Chinese programmer made off with sensitive material was made possible by a set of cozy relationships – among a tainted sheriff’s official, a dubious technology startup and a woman suspected of being a spy.

  • Till Death Do Us Part

    The Post and Courier exposes chilling domestic abuse in South Carolina in a new series that grew out of a collaboration with The Center for Investigative Reporting, the University of South Carolina and WCIV.

  • Claims of cover-ups, corruption

    James F. Tomsheck, the recently removed head of internal affairs, had harsh criticism for Customs and Border Protection in a sweeping and unauthorized interview with The Center for Investigative Reporting.

  • Major league hardball

    To avenge a Facebook insult, a gambler implicated a big-league pitcher in a fake plot to fix games. But to Major League Baseball, it looked like its first suspected game-fixing scandal in more than 90 years.

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