• Labor violators survive, thrive

    The federal government has awarded contracts and other benefits worth millions of dollars to tech labor brokers cited for violating laws related to the temporary visa program.

  • Modern-day indentured servants

    Labor brokers providing Indian high-tech workers to American companies are gaming a professional visa program, creating a shadow world that can turn a worker’s dream of self-betterment into a financial nightmare.

  • To Kill a Sparrow

    In Afghanistan, thousands of young women have been imprisoned for so-called moral crimes – including running away from unlawful forced marriages or marrying against a father's wishes. This is one woman's story.

  • Conservation doesn't hit home

    Many of the local officials urging the public to save water during California’s crippling drought actually are profligate water users themselves.

  • Personal data gets less private

    L.A. County law enforcement officials are expanding a biometrics system to gather iris scans, palm prints and other information in the field and in jails. But they're not telling the public.

  • How China maneuvered to buy US pork giant

    In our latest videos, CIR digs into the largest Chinese purchase of an American business: iconic Smithfield Foods to Shuanghui International.

  • Did he need killing?

    A Border Patrol agent in Texas shoots a young, unarmed drug smuggler in the back. The ensuing investigation goes nowhere.

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